October 07, 2008


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Each year on the Sunday after the feast day of Our Lady of The Rosary, the Legion of Mary holds a Rosary Procession through the streets of west Belfast.
Along the route decades are prayed and hymns sung, and members of the Legion give small rosaries to children and adults whom they pass on the way to St Agnes' Church. Once there, and after a few more prayers, the afternoon ends with Benediction and the now traditional roof-lifting rendering of the hymn to Our Lady Of Knock- Golden Rose, Queen of Ireland.
I hope to be there, Kathy, and I will remember you and yours in my prayers on that day.


Fabulous post!!!


We must remain constant and keep our eyes on the Prize...Ending abortion which will take time but if you vote for Pro-Life candidates it WILL happen.

May we pray for McCain/Palin and and end to abortion.

This is what is happening in Spain. Read with care it IS sickening.

"Blender" used on aborted babies


Peace & love to you Kathy:)

Marie xooxoxo


Excellent post, Kathleen. Pray we must to Our Holy Mother....

PS - thanks for that wonderful comment to Irene on my blog. She puzzles me (to put it nicely ;-)



Thank you Ann for your prayers! It sounds like a lovely procession! Thank you for stopping in to the Grotto!

God Bless!



Thanks for stopping in. Have a great day!



Thanks for you comment. The blender abortion is too horrendous for words.



Thanks for your comments. Irene is in my prayers.

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