October 17, 2008


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Happy Anniversary and many more years walking and working together in the Light of Christ,


Congrats! This was a lovely tribute to your marriage.



Thank you for your lovely comments. I most recently stumbled on your blog and what a delight. I shall be visiting there again soon.

God Bless!


What a lovely couple. Happy Anniversary! Peach was starstruck at the vision of your beautiful dress. Aren't those wonderful memories?



Thank you for your lovely comment and for your visit today.

Thank Peach for her admiration of the beautiful wedding gown. It was purchased as a gift from grandmother ( who recently passed away at 100 years old).

Gram was a simple woman that scrimped and saved for that dress. She wanted her granddaughter to have a lovely dress on her wedding day and indeed I did thanks to her generosity.

God Bless!


My warmest congratulations to you both! It is lovely to read of the happiness and joy that two people can find in a faith-enriched marriage. The wedding photo is simply beautiful, Kathy.



Thank you for your lovely comments and for visiting today.

The truth is that I learned last night for the first time how to scan a photo on my copy machine. How about that for living in the dark ages?

However, I do love this photo and wanted to share it with everyone.

God Bless!

Irene Holm

Lovely photo (it enlarges beautifully -- great first scan), lovely dress, lovely bride. And a wonderful quote from one of my favorite church fathers.

Irish + Irish, huh.

Trust in God and not in man. May he continue to bless your marriage for another 21 years -- and then another!


As a close friend to the Anniversary couple, I would like to say that Mike is indeed the wonderful man, husband, and father that Kathy has wrote. He has been a good friend to us and always there to support any friend that needs it. He is also very faithful to Our Lord which makes him the person that he is; however, Kathy is a blessing to Mike as well.

Those of you who read her blog can feel your faith, her love, and her loyalty to Our Lord, her family, and her friends. She has been a wonderful friend for the past 10 years.

In fact, Kathy's example brought me even deeper into my Catholic faith and living like a Catholic on a daily basis rather just on Sunday.

Mike and Kathy,
Thank you for the wonderful years of friendship through Christ that we have shared. Thank you for your example through the Sacrament of Marriage. Thank you for your goodness to the world and for your kindness to all.

Happy 21 years of life, love, and faith together.
May God continue to please you with many more years of marital bliss and the love to carry all those dear to you to heaven.

Blessed Be God Forever!


As I write, Maria Rose is dancing to the Ave Maria song -- I should say doing her ballet.

Love and prayers for you both,

Pat, Kim, Thomas, Joseph, Maria Rose & Lucy



Thank you for your pleasant and rather "civil" comment. It was refreshing for a change.

May God Bless your day!



Thank you for your lovely comments. You are always a breath of sunshine to those lives you enter. As many of you probably know now as you read Kim's wonderful blog. You like me are inspired by her many words of wisdom.

Your friendship, witness and faith in Our Lord has been a great source of blessings to us.

You Pat and the kids have a special place in our hearts even though you live many miles apart.

Hayley is a fortunate girl to have a great Confirmation sponsor in you. She is truly blessed!

Thank you always for your kind words and friendship!

We love you guys!


Happy Anniversary Kathy. What a wonderful tribute to your marriage and husband. A faithful husband is a true gift. I know that my dear husband has had a huge impact on our children's faith. I am sure your husbands faith has too.



Thank you so much for your visit and lovely comments.

Your right a faithful husband is a true gift from God.

God Bless!


What a beautiful wedding dress! Happy anniversary and God bless you both.



Thank you for visiting today and for wishing us well. I hope that my daughters, should they get married someday; will want to wear the lovely wedding dress that my grandmother purchased for me as a gift.

God Bless!

Rosemary in Missouri

Happy 21st from an "old married" who just celebrated 42 years of marriage in August. It only gets better and closer. God made it that way. May you both receive every blessing.

Rosemary in Missouri



Thank you for your lovely comment and for visiting today. I hope that you will come back again soon.

That is awesome that you have celebrated your 42nd anniversary in August. May God continue to bless your fruitful marriage.


Happy Anniversary! He sounds like a keeper! :-)


Happy Anniversary Kathy! My, what a lovely bride you made.


Happy Anniversary Kathy!!! I loved seeing your wedding picture! Beautiful!! God bless you both!



A keeper he is. Thanks for your comments!



Thank you so much for the lovely comment and for visiting today! God Bless!



Thank you for your comment and for visiting today. I enjoy your visits!


Congratulations to you and Mike. What a wonderful day for you both.

God has blessed you both and blessed each of us through your blog:).

Wishing you many,many more happy years together:).

God's abundant love to you both:)
With love and good wishes,

Marie xooxoxoxo



Thank you for visiting and for your lovely comments. I hope you have a great day!

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